STO Services

On our homepage we tell you more about 2140’s value proposition related to STO technology and setting up and executing an STO. On this page we give you insight into who our customers are, what we exactly do for them and in which markets we operate. And if you want to see an overview of our STO use cases, the bottom of this page is where you’ll need to be!

2140 STO Services

Who Are Our Customers?
2140’s customers are all sorts of companies and organizations, from scale-up to SME to multinational, eager to issue a security token. For them, tokenization is an innovative means to additional business models and new markets. Together with 2140, our customers develop and implement tokenization techniques that leverage new ways of corporate financing, new ways of selling, new ways of community building and new ways of process efficiency improving.

Which Markets Do We Operate In?
2140 does not have one dedicated target market, as security token technology is basically applicable anywhere. We serve customers in the art market, the real estate market, the fintech market, the finance market, the event market, the hospitality market and so on. It all starts with a good use case for your organization or company. Once that use case has been defined, we will look at how the market in which you operate can optimally contribute to the success of the STO.

What Do We Do For Our Customers?

Our customers don’t always know where to start with tokenization technology. Through education and introduction meetings, 2140 assists in defining a good use case and indicating the associated benefits. Subsequently, 2140 carries out a feasibility study to evaluate tokenization technology implementation and chance of success of the STO. Once positively evaluated, the STO process can start. Our value proposition during this process, can be found here.

Use Case Examples

Venture Capital

A promising scale-up is looking for a €15M investment.  Two VC funds are willing to contribute €5M each, however they have trouble finding a third investor.  STO can help!


A start-up is looking to raise €5M.  Traditional crowdfunding poses difficulties in terms of dividend and representation rights, investor liquidity and administrative costs.  STO can solve this!

Public Private Cooperation

A government, planning to build an onshore windmill park but facing tough resistance from residents, is looking to offer compensation by means of equity in the project via equity security tokens.


A young tennis player is destined to become a professional but lacks the financial resources required.  People can invest via STO and later benefit from prize money and marketing proceeds.


An NGO is raising funds to provide medical and financial aid to developing countries.  Blockchain technology can offer transparency to assure that funds are being used appropriately.


Prominent museums receive less funding each year, limiting their ability to add masterpieces to their collection.  Via STO, museums can raise funds to remain competitive in the global art market.

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