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Let us introduce 2140. Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it is down to our attitude, our limitless curiousity, our no-nonsense approach and the way we treat our customers. Feel free to get in touch, we like to get to know new people!

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It is our mission to make investments accessible to everyone. As such, our definition of success is when every person on earth can make any investment in any type of security. To achieve this, we use tokenization techniques that transcend current paper and regulatory barriers, making your assets available worldwide. Our company name 2140 (read: twenty-one-forty) is inspired by the year in which the last bitcoin will be mined. How cool is that!

Person holding several bank notes, reflecting 2140's mission to make investmens accessible to everyone

2140 is an STO consultancy firm located in the benelux. We still remember how happy we were when the blockchain community forced a breakthrough in 2017 to give tokenization technology a more legitimate foundation, thanks to the introduction of the security token. The following year, 2140 was established. From the beginning we believed in this new technology, of which the world has only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Marcell de Vries, Partner at 2140, at a client workshop

Our approach is simple and without frills. For example, our preference is to work in small, dedicated project teams. We look at our customers as future partners and treat them with the utmost respect and integrity. We use iterative processes, standard frameworks and best practices as much as we can. Internally, we like to support self-management and self-development, we explore the full potential of everybody we work with, and we try to adapt continuously while the organization grows.

Maarten Van Doorslaer, Partner at 2140, giving a lecture about Security Token Technology




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Maarten Van Doorslaer, Partner at 2140

Maarten Van Doorslaer

Experienced senior consultant with a no-nonsense approach and a passion for blockchain, security token technology, and new business models.

Marcell de Vries, Partner at 2140

Marcell de Vries

Executive leader with a strong background in business, finance, HR, and IT, and a broad industry experience in companies ranging from start-up to corporate.


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