Blockchain Advisory

  1. Blockchain

A blockchain is a database – a very fancy database – with a couple of extraordinary technology characteristics that are nowhere to be found in traditional databases.  This is exactly why blockchain technology makes new or improved business applications possible.


However, blockchain technology is still very young.  No robust off-the-shelf blockchain database product is available yet.  Therefore 2140 Consulting offers blockchain technology education, next to a customized approach on detecting profitable blockchain use cases in your organization, that could lead to optimization of your business processes.

Basic or Deep-dive Training

  • Blockchain technology characteristics
  • Blockchain technology applications
  • Blockchain and tokenization
  • General legal operating framework

Interactive Feasibility Workshop

  • Business model explained
  • Blockchain use case identification
  • Business readiness and strategy alignment
  • Blockchain process ballpark estimate

Blockchain Design, Setup and Execution

  • Development plan preparation and review
  • Development phase
  • Test implementation
  • Audit process and bug fix

2140 Consulting is a management consultancy company, specialized in capital financing and business process optimization with use of digital technologies, one of which is blockchain.


We bring business, finance, and IT technology perspectives together in one digital optimization service model, as we believe it should be.  We identify improvement use cases in your business and convert them into profitable investments.

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