Business Consultancy

  1. Business

We are a team of result-driven business executives with experience and expertise in organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500.  Our focus is on supporting C-level executives to define, implement, and drive strategies for growth, business development, productivity, change, and cost reduction.

We offer flexible pricing arrangements that tailor to your specific organization and the project at hand. This includes traditional hourly rates, value-based pricing, no-cure-no-pay, as well as an attractive monthly all-in ‘business partnering’ fee.



Quick Scan

  • Holistic review of all relevant aspects of your organisation
  • Stakeholder interviews and data analytics
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements, savings, and growth

Strategy, Change and Implementation

  • Define, shape, or change company strategy
  • Define tactical steps for managing change
  • Implement change and deliver measurable results

Leadership Coaching

  • On-the-job coaching for senior and executive leaders
  • Enable current-role growth and fixing of career stallere
  • Prepare individuals for next promotion

2140 Consulting is a management consultancy company, specialized in capital financing and business process optimization with use of digital technologies, one of which is blockchain.


We bring business, finance, and IT technology perspectives together in one digital optimization service model, as we believe it should be.  We identify improvement use cases in your business and convert them into profitable investments.

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