Security Token Offering (STO)

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2140’s mission is to make investments accessible to everyone. We consider ourselves successful if everybody on earth can make any investment in any type of security. To achieve this, we use tokenization techniques that transcend current paper and regulatory barriers, making your assets available worldwide.

What Is STO?

A Security Token Offering is a new financing method based on blockchain technology. It is best described as a process in which fractional ownership of assets, equity or debt is offered in exchange for money.


It is similar to crowdfunding, yet far more advanced thanks to the introduction of the digital security token. Security tokens are subject to and compliant with the same laws and regulations as known from traditional securities. Furthermore, security tokens are programmable, which means they can automatically facilitate any desired ownership characteristics, rights and benefits.


2140 Consulting offers wing-to-wing security token technology services, including education, interactive workshops, and STO feasibility, setup, and execution.

2140 Value Proposition

Building and implementing an STO means that you have to set up an STO ecosystem, taking into account the necessary legal, economical, technical and financial aspects. If one of these aspects is not covered substantially, the STO will likely not succeed.


Your STO ecosystem consists of various building blocks, each of which has a specific function. Using a holistic approach, 2140 examines with you how the various building blocks must be completed in order to make the ecosystem a robust and successful whole.


Selecting the right partners for your ecosystem is critical. 2140 has established strong relationships with the best of the best in each area, and will work with you to evaluate and select those partners that best meet your STO needs.


2140 starts from its own developed and proven STO methodology, which can be used as a powerful manual for any STO. 2140 helps you map out the STO process and then navigate you through it, regardless of the size of the ship or the roughness of the sea.

About 2140

2140 Consulting is a management consulting firm, established in 2018 and among the first to enter the security token technology space. Today we play a leading role in the Benelux and beyond, supporting companies from different industries and sizes (from scale-up to SME to multinational) and partnering with prominent academic institutes.


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